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Best of 2020: How clubs score when it comes to sustainability

What is happening in terms of sustainability in Germany? After nine months of reporting, these examples show that the topics of ecology and environmental protection, quality assurance and inclusion at golf courses become more and more important. Numerous clubs and associations set accents.

  • G&CC Seddiner See ‘s little owl project is causing a sensation, Link
  • GC Altötting-Burghausen: First GEO tag on a golf course, link
  • The BGV planned a bee tournament week, which then fell victim to the Corona crisis, but generally calls for a repetition. link
  • Storks on German golf courses, for example at GC St. Leon-Rot, link
  • Feel nature in the GC Kassel-Wilhelmshöhe, Link
  • GC Herzogenaurach: Sport plus nature – a balancing act, link
  • Watch out for butterflies, Link
  • Natural monument at GC Ulm , link
  • 100 bee colonies in the GC Munich Eichenried, link
  • This is how water management works, for example at Weiherhof Golf Park, Link
  • GC Würzburg : nutrient-poor grassland is gaining in importance, Link
  • Habitat Deadwood , link
  • GC Feldafing , refuge for wild bees, link
  • Wildflower meadow in the GC Upper Franconia , link
  • The golf course as a park in the Wittelsbacher GC, Link
  • Social responsibility : Golfpark München Aschheim sets an example, Link
  • Top topic resource conservation, link
  • The red kite on German golf courses, link
  • Green Eagle: Tournament golf plus animal husbandry, link
  • First Awards as a thriving golf course, link
  • Increased use of solar energy on golf courses, link
  • GC Bodensee-Weissensberg saves 5000 PET bottles, link
  • GC Garmisch important partner in drinking water protection for Munich, link
  • GC Kassel-Wilhelmshöhe receives UN Decade award, link
  • University GC Paderborn scores with DGV Innovation Award , link