Background reports, portraits and news on the topic of sustainability and golf

Collage von Tierfotos

Golf without wildlife? Impossible

2. March 2024/by Petra Himmel

Water becomes the annual theme of BGV

28. February 2024/by Petra Himmel

Halved CO₂ footprint at the heat hotspot

25. February 2024/by Robert Frank

Golf clothing from the beautiful Erzgebirge

24. February 2024/by Sebastian Burow

Bird identification aids and apps

21. February 2024/by Robert Frank
Overview of the golf course of Royal Golf La Bagnaia near Siena in Tuscany.

Climate change causes rethinking in Italy’s golf scene

19. February 2024/by Petra Himmel

Roadshows as a sustainability network

15. February 2024/by Robert Frank

Yamaha presents hydrogen-powered golf cart

12. February 2024/by Sebastian Burow

Reflo’s collection for the WM Open

10. February 2024/by Petra Himmel

All you need to know: Red List and golf

8. February 2024/by Robert Frank

Better CO₂ footprint for golf trips

5. February 2024/by Robert Frank

World Wetlands Day

2. February 2024/by Petra Himmel

Harry Kane investor at Reflo apparel

1. February 2024/by Petra Himmel

The topic of sustainability at the PGA Show 2024

1. February 2024/by Robert Frank

Claire Poole: “Action at scale is needed”

30. January 2024/by Petra Himmel

Eyes open for the red kite

29. January 2024/by Petra Himmel
Blick auf eine grüne Weltkugel mit vielen Zahlen im Umfeld

Basic knowledge about golf & sustainability

16. January 2024/by Petra Himmel
Anime einer Golfspielerin

Real Live: My little fight for black shoes

15. January 2024/by adminGolfSustainable
Collage zum Thema Biodiversität

The biodiversity lexicon: Everything about species diversity

11. January 2024/by Robert Frank
Collage aus fünf Bildern zum Thema Nachhaltigkeit

The top 5 topics for 2024

9. January 2024/by Petra Himmel
Eine Hand hält eine Weltkugel

The CO2 lexicon: Ten important terms

9. January 2024/by Robert Frank
Golferin vor einem E-Auto

The golfer and the e-car: one year report

3. January 2024/by Petra Himmel
Pflanze mit Schmetterlingen

Hessian Golf Association: Expansion of the project Habitat Golf Course

31. December 2023/by Petra Himmel

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