GC Bodensee-Weissensberg saves 5000 PET bottles

The results are impressive: GC Bodensee-Weissensberg saved 5.000 PET bottles this season. The reason: instead of being given the usual plastic water bottle, the green fee players were given a reusable aluminum bottle instead. “We have installed a water dispenser in the reception area, from which you can draw still and sparkling water,” explains club manager Christoph Fröhle the campaign to avoid plastic waste.

The concept was well thought out: In order to ensure that water was replenished on the course, two wells with additional taps were installed on the course. The club paid the additional costs for the refillable bottles. “Of course it’s an extra effort, but our guests were very happy to accept it and our members are also enthusiastic about the water dispensers,” summarizes Fröhle. In addition, he says, the greenkeepers’ work in sorting out the PET bottles from the garbage has been reduced in return. All in all, says Fröhle, as a golf course Lindau-Weissensberg is on the right track to avoid plastic waste.

The next measure concerns the teas. The pro shop of the golf course only sells tees made from organic material with a particularly long service life. “From 2021 we would also like to ask our members and guests to get away from the normal plastic tees. Of course we can only recommend that.” After the success of the campaign to avoid plastic bottles, Fröhle is convinced that normal plastic tees at GC Bodensee-Weissensberg no longer have a future.

Photos: Carnival/GC Bodensee-Weissensberg