News and background information on sustainability in golf

How is climate change affecting golf? What consequences does it have for the handling of resources and the playability of the courses?

How much water is available for golf? How to improve the handling of the resource? News and trends around the top topic.

What about the CO₂ footprint of golfers and golf facilities? Basics of CO₂ calculation and international practical examples.

Golfers like to travel – but how is tourism changing? Golf Sustainable presents projects from favorite destinations that focus on sustainability.

The golf course as a living space is becoming increasingly important. Projects to increase biodiversity are part of the standard program on golf courses. We introduce them.

Sustainable greenkeeping takes the key position in a sustainable golf sport. Trends and developments in software, e-mobility and many other areas.

Studies, research projects and cooperations of international universities on the subject of golf. News about biomass, biodiversity or water storage.

News from production, e-commerce and trade: How sustainable is production and processing in the golf sector? How big is the issue of CO2 compensation?


Golf associations

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