Successful models for golf

Ideas, projects and best practice examples for more sustainability, biodiversity and nature conservation in golf

Getting better together

When it comes to sustainability, there is movement – especially in golf. The golf scene convinces with many ideas, new projects, innovative approaches. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a club or operator’s facility, whether it’s a small club or a large resort – there’s no shortage of positive initiatives. Some are financially expensive and require longer planning, while others can be implemented quickly and cheaply. It is often the case that small measures can quickly have a major impact. Golf Sustainable shows best practice examples on the subject of golf and sustainability. In this way, the entire golf scene benefits from one another.


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The challenges for golf are great. The topic of plastic, for example, is huge: plastic bottles for the round. Plastic tees in every bag, plastic cups and dishes at every golf tournament. How can the plastic mountain be reduced?


Plastic bottles are sold per minute worldwide

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