The Golf Course Habitat project continues on the road to success

The Golf course Habitat Project – We promote biodiversity in the Baden-Württemberg Golf Association is now also being presented more online. Due to the great response that the project has received from its members, the Baden-Württemberg Golf Association (BWGV) has now set up a new Internet platform specifically for it.

62 participants

“We are delighted that 62 of our 90 golf courses have already joined the pilot project “golf course habitat – we promote biodiversity”. In the last two years, they have implemented numerous new measures to protect and promote biodiversity. On the new website, which is very clearly structured and easy to use for visitors, the BWGV provides information about the participating golf courses and their projects and also extensively about the form in which golf has long made a very important contribution to nature and environmental protection performs”, so Otto Leibfritz , President of the Baden-Württemberg Golf Association, on the relaunch of the site.

The new website also contains current articles from the media and the BWGV environmental committee specifically on the subject of how habitats on golf courses should be designed so that they can fulfill their function of protecting and promoting biodiversity.

The site is aimed at non-golfers, but also at all golfers who would like to find out more about this topic and the status of the implementation of the projects on the golf courses in Baden-Württemberg.