Real Club Valderrama builds huge reservoir

The theme water management does not stop at the greats of the golf scene: After the drought in Spain in the winter of 2022/2023 also made the water supply of golf courses a major issue again, one can see in the Real Club de Valderrama, still the number 1 course in Spain, refer to the huge storage pond that they have at their disposal. The foil pond next to course 11 was planned as a classic reservoir outside the golf course. It covers a total of 53,000 m² and was completed at the end of 2021 after a six-month construction period. Due to the greater depth of the reservoir, which is surrounded by a dam, the evaporation of the water is less because the surface is smaller.

Climate change noticeable in recent years

The pond is connected to a stream via a large tunnel, so that the water can be balanced at any time. Currently, the reservoir is only filled with drainage water from the golf course and rainwater. In the future, however, the use of process water will also be considered. To date, irrigation in Vallderrama has been done through rainwater and purchase from the local water supplier. A change seemed necessary to those responsible at the club because “over the last few years we have seen rising temperatures, less rainfall and greater unpredictability of rainfall,” notes Rocío Lafuente, assistant manager of the club.

60 cork oaks transplanted

As part of the construction, 60 of Valderrama’s famous cork oaks had to be transplanted to other parts of the golf course. More than 100 new drainage pipes were installed under the membrane of the reservoir so that every drop of water can actually be passed on to the stream. The sand that was created during the excavation was then used to build the dam. The club has also upgraded the facility’s sprinkler system to reduce water consumption.

The complete construction work is clearly explained in this video: