Premiere in Bavaria: the bee tournament week

The bee tournament week around World Bee Day on May 20th, 2020 : With this idea, the Bavarian Golf Association has created a model worth imitating.

What is happening? In the week from May 18th to 24th, 2020, each participating club will hold the already planned competitions in favour of the bees. As a result, the game week becomes a bee tournament week without much additional planning effort.

How does species protection benefit? The entry fees of the participants will be used in whole or in part for projects to promote biodiversity in the club.

What support does the club get? In this case, the BGV donates tea gifts for the participants as well as information material. In addition, the golf course with the most participants receives sustainable prizes. The BGV also provides flyers and information material.

How much work does the individual system have to do? Ideally, the action week should be used for widespread communication on social media channels, in the club or in the regional press distribution list. It’s definitely work. The fact is, however, that the topic of bees, which has a positive connotation, attracts a high level of attention.

The Bavarian Golf Association has created a website for further information, which is also used to register.

The project received a lot of positive feedback in the first year, especially from politicians. Among others, the Bavarian Minister of State for the Environment and Consumer Protection, Thorsten Faithr , has assumed the patronage of the tournament week. Apparently, sustainable issues also create the connection between politics and golf, which to date has not been particularly strong.

And: If you think further, you will find that the idea has potential. The campaign can also be easily transferred from the bees to other topics such as “water” if the association is interested in other campaign weeks.