Golf & nature is mandatory at Leading Golf Clubs

The idea of sustainability is now part of the fixed program at the association of the Leading Golf Clubs of Germany . The merger of high-quality golf courses, which currently includes 36 golf clubs, makes participation in the Golf & Nature program of the German Golf Association mandatory for new members from 2020. According to managing director Andreas Dorsch, they are also thinking about including the obligatory environmental and landscape protection for golf courses in the statutes.

As early as 2020, the topic of “environmental and health management” is part of the questionnaire, which is used to evaluate the Leading Golf Clubs of Germany every year. Of the previous members of the association, 28 are already involved in the Golf & Nature program. In 2020, 18 have Gold status. “This shows that golf & nature is a leading feature for us,” explains Dorsch. “Because compared to the other German golf clubs, we have a very high coverage.” The GC Heilbronn-Hohenlohe immediately registered as a new member of the Leading Golf Clubs for the Golf & Nature program.