First class record for Lebensraum Golfplatz 2020

The first full year of the “Lebensraum Golfplatz” project is over, and the results are excellent. Anyone who speaks to those responsible for the campaign in Baden-Württemberg, Germany, will notice that expectations were almost exceeded a little. “We were more than surprised that more than half of the clubs took part spontaneously,” sums up Otto Leibfritz, President of the Baden-Württemberg Golf Association . 54 clubs have registered for the initiative, which is intended to ensure more biodiversity on the land of the state association.

“It worked really well,” summarizes Martin Elsässer, Chairman of the Environmental Advisory Board , which is responsible for “Lebensraum Golfplatz”. “The aim here was to create a low-threshold offer from which the clubs could simply get a lot of suggestions.” For 200 euros, you received an initial consultation on site, which then led to numerous specific individual measures. Deadwood areas were optimized, tips for seed mixtures were given. The maintenance of nutrient-poor grassland was just as much a topic as the creation of nature trails or the cultivation of meadow orchards.