European Tour launches Green Drive initiative

The European Tour launches the Green Drive initiative for more sustainability in professional golf in Europe. She announced this on the occasion of World Environment Day. This should further underline the obligation for more environmental protection and sustainability in the context of European professional golf.

More sustainability in tournaments and organizers

“As an organization dedicated to serving the best aspects of professional sport across a diversity of communities and cultures, we want to respect and promote local communities wherever we travel,” said European Tour CEO Keith Pelley . “This means that we as business partners must act responsibly and find new, innovative ways to host tournaments with a lower carbon footprint and greater value to the social community.” The European Tour wants to work more closely with the organization GEO Foundation for Sustainable Golf. In addition, the issue of sustainability is to be given greater consideration by the business partner European Golf Design, which is responsible for golf course construction.

No specific information on implementation

However, the announcement of the European Tour does not contain any concrete statements on the implementation of the objective. There are currently no regulations or projects on the European Tour that specifically deal with questions of CO2 emissions caused by the travel activities of players or officials. There are also no specifications as to how VIP tents, superstructures or similar can be recycled or set up in an environmentally friendly way. The same applies to the use of disposable tableware, plastic bottles or similar on the tournament grounds. While some tournament organizers are active here with individual projects, there are no general guidelines. In its announcement on the Green Drive initiative, the European Tour also did not announce how specific measures are to be taken to improve sustainability.

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