COP 15: Agreement reached on species protection

All’ those in golf who have long been committed to the issue of increasing biodiversity will be thrilled: At the so-called COP 15 summit for more biodiversity in Montreal, the participating nations agreed to place one-third of the planet under protection by 2030 at the latest in order to protect biodiversity.

Golf has been committed for years

On golf courses, this topic has become increasingly important in recent years and is already supported by countless projects. From world-renowned resorts like Pebble Beach, which are committed to helping wildlife in the adjacent Pacific Ocean Sanctuary off their coast, to ordinary smaller golf clubs, the realization has matured that the sport of golf can be perfectly combined with conservation projects that create habitats for fauna and flora in the large areas that are not part of the game. Golf and nature, the insight goes, can only be understood as one. The Montreal Agreement and international attention to it should further motivate golfers, greenkeepers and management personnel to champion the issue.