Pebble Beach: Golf hotspot and nature reserve

It’s a dream destination: Pebble Beach, the world famous golf resort, 17-Mile Drive, the Del Monte Forest with the famous Monterey pine trees in it, native to only three very limited sectors in the USA. One of these is the Monterey Peninsula . The area is a tourist hotspot – with a total of ten golf courses on the limited part of the peninsula alone.

Pebble Beach, a kind of Mecca for golfers as the venue for major tournaments, is also an essential piece of nature for the local population and the state of California that needs to be protected. The sea area around the peninsula is largely a water protection zone and partly a marine reserve. Point Lobos National Park is around the corner. Golf tourism is only possible here in California, if the sustainability aspects are taken into account – which is why the Pebble Beach Company not only sells tee times at exorbitant prices, but has also launched various “green initiatives”, some of which are remarkable even by European standards.