What is the golfer’s attitude to sustainability?

What is the golfer’s attitude to sustainability in general? What does he think of biodiversity programs at the golf club, CO₂ neutrality or higher prices for better water management? Golf Sustainable is seeking answers to these questions in a survey conducted in conjunction with the Sports and Health Management Department at the University of the Federal Armed Forces in Munich. These should lead to better data in the area of golf & sustainability.

Data as a basis for assessment

“Especially with regard to the topics of course management, water and energy, numerous golf courses in Germany are facing major challenges and investments,” explains the founder of Golf Sustainable, Petra Himmel. “At the same time, we asked ourselves to what extent golfers themselves are even aware of this issue. Our aim is therefore to work with the Bundeswehr University in Munich to establish a representative dataset in order to get a feel for the attitude of golfers to the topic of golf & sustainability in the first place.”

From plastic waste to travel behavior

The survey covers the golfer’s attitude towards biodiversity, water management, greenkeeping, energy consumption and plastic waste prevention on the golf course. Questions are also asked on the subject of CO₂ compensation, which also affects the travel behavior of golfers. After the survey has been conducted, the Sport and Health Management teaching and research area at the University of the German Armed Forces will take over the scientific analysis and evaluation. “The cooperation is really exciting for Golf Sustainable in its third year of existence because we are simply struggling with a lack of data on sustainability issues at the moment,” Petra Himmel hopes for significant insights.