Supporter of the Alliance for Development and Climate

Golf Sustainable has been a “ Supporter of the Alliance for Development and Climate ” in Germany since December 2021. Golf Sustainable thus joins more than 1000 supporters from business, administration and civil society who are working to avoid, reduce and offset greenhouse gas emissions.

The Alliance for Development and Climate is a German foundation set up by the “Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau” on behalf of the Federal Ministry for Economic Development and Cooperation. The purposes of the foundation are to promote development cooperation, nature conservation, landscape management and environmental protection, science and research and the promotion of education and training.

“For Golf Sustainable, participating in the supporter network is an essential step on the path to CO2 neutrality that we are currently taking,” said the founder of Golf Sustainable, Petra Himmel, explaining the step. “In addition, the networking with numerous small and large companies and a look at their best practice examples is very interesting and instructive for us. We hope that in this way the golf scene in the DA-Ch region can also benefit from our experience.”