Plastic free and wood based fashion

Paxarino is the name of the new golf fashion label that advertises its textile products with a particularly sustainable manufacturing process in the production of natural fibers .

The interesting thing is that the starting materials for the pulp production of the Austrian Lenzing Group, with production sites worldwide, come entirely from sustainable forestry (including FSC or PEFC certification). According to the producer headquartered in Upper Austria, one hundred percent beech wood from sustainable European forestry is used for this. The production process is characterized by a closed cycle that begins with wood procurement and ends with fabric processing.

The Lenzing Group produces more than half of the pulp it requires at its sites in Lenzing (Austria) and Paskov (Czech Republic). In addition to its own pulp production, Lenzing procures pulp on the world market, mostly under long-term contracts. The pulp production of these two biorefineries is more than self-sufficient in terms of meeting their own energy needs. Surplus energy is used for fiber production or for feeding into the local grid.

Organic solvents and biodegradable

The production of the various fiber products viscose, modal, lyocell (including OEKO-TEX standards) takes place in Austria. Here, organic solvents are used to dissolve the cellulose fibers out of the groundwood pulp. According to the manufacturer, 99 percent of these solvents can be recovered and reused.

Only the fabrics are processed abroad in the north of Portugal to the finished textiles, which are certified with the two
USDA Organic Preferred
(a certificate administered by the U.S. Department of Agriculture) and the
EU Ecolabel
are equipped.

The ecological advantages of wood-based cellulose fibers are obvious. The plastic-free materials are biodegradable and therefore an environmentally friendly alternative to fossil-based plastics. From the comfort point of view, breathable, moisture-regulating and antibacterial properties are added.

EU Ecolabel

Apart from Lenzing‘s Indonesian operation, all Lenzing production sites meet the strict criteria of the EU Ecolabel. Under the EU Ecolabel, which was launched by the European Commission in 1992, strict criteria must be met in pulp and fiber production, both in terms of air and water emissions and with regard to the handling of chemicals used.

The criteria of the EU label are determined on a scientific basis and take into account the entire product life cycle. Regular revisions ensure that the criteria are adapted to new developments and that the ratings remain up-to-date.

The latest paxarino golf fashion products are available as Signature Tee (men and women; MSRP 59€), Signature Long Sleeve (men and women; MSRP 79€), Nature Polo (men and women; MSRP 89€) and Zamburiña Nature Polo (men; MSRP 99€).

The two founders Sebastian Reetze and Cedric Fernandez are convinced of the future viability of their green collection. Golf fashion based on wood fibers – that’s an approach with which the two young men want to shake up the golf industry.

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