Golf & Traffic: The mobile golf bag

A quick bike ride to the golf course? The golf bag “Back9 Golf Bag” of the US manufacturer Side Street Golf is a golf bag and a backpack at the same time and facilitates the transport of golf bags with its innovative backpack function. The Chicago-based company advertises its latest model as a golf bag that can easily be used on bicycles, electric scooters, motorcycles or on foot on public transportation on the way to the golf course. /

Anyone who has seen homemade golf bag bike trailers can relate to the idea behind Side Street Golf’s concept. This is a golf product that has sought a solution for exactly this aspect: namely, to be a golf bag and backpack in one. The equipment was designed specifically for urban areas, where golf courses are usually easier to reach without cars than in rural areas. For example, if you don’t have a trolley box at a golf club, you can use this bag to transport your golf equipment safely and easily between the golf course and your own home.

Stretch straps and innovative strap system

Multifunctional and stretchable straps in the shoulder, chest and abdominal area allow a variety of wearing options as a backpack or classically worn over the shoulder. As with most other golf bags, there is room for 14 clubs and they can be securely stored in the club compartments with the club head first during transport.

The bag with a lightweight construction is suitable both as a stand bag and for trolleys as well as carts. The strap systems and an extra silicone band against slipping out and club rattling provide safety during transport.

Safety and multifunctional

Compared to commercial golf bags, the “Back9 Golf Bag” has on the one hand more security during transport. On the other hand, the bag is more functional than classic backpacks thanks to eight sophisticated pockets and compartments for, among other things, the scorecard, balls, provisions or shoes.

After almost two years of development, the product was recently launched on the European market. In Europe, Side Street Golf’s “Back9 Golf” is available through the company’s web store at and is shipped to Germany via a shipping center in Ireland. The price is currently just under 230 euros/250 dollars.