Golf.Natur.Erlebnis magazine on course for expansion

“Golf.Nature.Experience” – that’s the name of the publications by VUD Medien GmbH from Freudenstadt, which deal with the golf course as a habitat for fauna and flora. With the “Schleswig-Holstein” issue, which has the motto “The golf course – a treasure chest of nature”, the media company’s commitment has now also extended to the north. “Following a pilot project in Baden-Württemberg, we also launched the publication for Bavaria and now for Schleswig-Holstein,” summarizes Saskia Maria Klima, who is responsible for the project.

If you read through the 26 pages of the publication, you will come across numerous interesting projects at North German golf courses that demonstrate their commitment to environmental protection and nature conservation. This ranges from the fruit tree harvest for social purposes, to commitment to tree protection projects or the Wadden Sea National Park. The importance of the various habitats on the golf course is explained, as is the enormous stock of extensive areas on golf courses, which above all promote biodiversity.

When it comes to the production of the magazines, VUD Medien GmbH is itself a pioneer when it comes to environmentally friendly production: magazines in the “Golf.Natur.Erlebnis” series have covers made of so-called grass paper. Almost half of this paper is made from dried grass fibers, while regular paper is usually made from 100 percent wood pulp or mixed with recycled fiber. Only two liters of water are needed to produce one tonne of milled fiber – it takes 6,000 liters to produce one tonne of wood pulp.

If you want to see the magazine online, here it is.