GC Sinsheim: on the trail of lizards

At some point during a round on the Sinsheim golf course in Germany, the view falls across the landscape: Opposite is Steinsberg Castle, the highest elevation in the Kraichgau – one of the oldest cultural areas in Europe. It is hilly here, which is also noticeable in the golf course, which extends over 90 hectares along small woods and natural areas. Between the meadow orchards, meadows and water areas, the fairways appear again and again. “No one would believe today that everything was agriculture here once,” sums up greenkeeper Edi Sprenger .

He grew up here, his father was a farmer, he also learned it. In Germany, he is one of those greenkeepers who can tell the story first-hand of what makes a golf course out of intensively farmed land: A diverse landscape has grown on the hilly plots of land, which were never easy to manage anyway, which in the course of the action”The program Habitat golf course habitat” is now also being examined more closely by those responsible for the club.