World Golf Award goes to Sentosa Golf Club

This year’s World Golf Award for “World’s Best Eco Friendly Golf Facility” goes to Singapore’s Sentosa Golf Club. The awards were presented yesterday. Sentosa Golf Club beat 19 other competitors including Gleneagles in Scotland, Pinehurst No. 2 in the US, Hong Kong Golf Club, Emirates GC or the Saadiyat Beach Golf Club.

The Sentosa Golf Club, which at first glance doesn’t really look like a particularly ecological golf course with its two manicured golf courses, has been drawing attention to itself for a good two years with numerous initiatives within the framework of sustainable management of the area. Among other things, all plastic packaging was banned from the facility, composting systems were introduced, a switch to e-mobility with lithium-ion batteries was made possible for all carts and the reuse of rainwater was organized on the entire site. The Sentosa Golf Club, one of the most famous golf courses in Asia, released a video documentation for the award ceremony, which shows the sustainability efforts.

The World Golf Awards have been presented since 2014, but now have 19 different categories, so that the criticism of an inflationary awarding of awards is inherent. The election took place from February to September, with anyone interested being able to participate in the election by registering. In addition, companies can choose for themselves. There are no exclusion criteria or a list of projects and services. In principle, every golf hotel, every golf course or every golf project can apply for a nomination. However, it is not made clear in advance which criteria are used for the selection. Participation is free.

While numerous large international golf courses, especially from the Asian and Arabic regions, like to use the World Golf Awards for their marketing purposes, projects from the European region are rarely represented. Arabella Golf Mallorca, Costa Navarino, Golfbaan Stippelberg in the Netherlands and Erkum Resort in Öland were also nominated for the World’s Best Eco Friendly Golf Facility from continental Europe.