Quinta do Lago Golf relies on eco-investments

The Portuguese resort Quinta do Lago is using the summer season, which has been difficult in tourism due to the Corona crisis, for major renovation and conversion measures, which should also enable the resort to be much more environmentally friendly. A total of seven million euros are being invested in the renovation of the South Course and improvements to the North and Laranjal Courses , including the main clubhouse. “The Covid-19 pandemic has been a challenge, but while the world is in lockdown, we are using the time here at Quinta do Lago to invest in optimizing the facilities,” summarizes Sean Moriarty, CEO of Quinta do Lago.
A new hybrid type of Bermuda will be chosen as the grass for the South Course to better prepare the course for extreme weather conditions in the future, and this is just part of a comprehensive redesign of the course. In order to make water consumption more efficient in the future, some of the pumping systems are being renewed in such a way that energy consumption is reduced by 20 percent. Installing new sprinkler systems, enlarging ponds, and encouraging heat-tolerant plants will drive further savings and eliminate the use of non-renewable resources and pesticides altogether.
Quinta do Lago has decided to work with the British GEO Foundation on the way to a significantly more environmentally friendly orientation of the tourist facility, which – like “Golf und Natur” in Germany – offers Europe-wide certifications.