Leading Golf Clubs with 100% commitment to Golf & Nature

100 percent of all Leading Golf Clubs of Germany participate in the Golf & Nature program. In this way, the community of top German golf clubs documents its sustainable orientation. “It is important to us that we consciously use the resources on the golf courses, protect nature and work in a future-oriented manner,” explains Bernhard May, president of the LGCG.

Resource conservation as a top issue

The certification within the quality management program Golf & Nature is mandatory from the year 2023. New members must provide proof of participation in Golf & Nature, which is led by the German Golf Association. “Of course, this decision led to discussions at the beginning. Although a large proportion of our members had already achieved certification anyway, a commitment is always an instrument that needs to be carefully considered,” May sums up. “On the other hand, we can see from developments in the water and energy sectors in Germany that the issue of resource conservation is a prominent one that we golf facilities must address.”

The majority of the 36 golf courses have already been awarded the highest rating of Gold. The certification process not only examines measures to improve biodiversity, water management and energy supply, but also topics such as occupational safety and communication. The Golf & Nature program is considered the German equivalent of the GEO certification, which is widely used throughout Europe.