Sustainability of golf in Tokyo 2020 remains open

The Olympic Games should not only be climate-neutral, but according to the IOC even “climate-positive”. The target date is 2030. “As we look to the future, we want to do more than just reduce or offset our own emissions,” said IOC President Thomas Bach in early March 2020. That is why it was decided to create an Olympic forest, which is part of the Great Green Wall project of the UN Environment Program. This is Africa’s largest initiative to prevent further desertification of land. From 2021, the Olympic Forest is to be planted.
Sustainability is part of the 2020 Olympic program, which is why Tokyo 2020 aims to be a carbon neutral event. Among the many measures by which this is to be achieved is the design of sustainable buildings, as well as a special attention to all transport issues. The mobile partner Toyota, for example, will only provide zero-emission vehicles.
However, the topic of golf on the Tokyo Games website does not address the issue of sustainability, nor does the Kasumigaseki Country Club , where the competitions are held, deserve a mention on its website. Special projects related to golf and sustainability are not listed.
Anyone who wants to find out about the progress of the measures for the climate-neutral Olympic Games 2020 will find a report on this.