Good feedback on the project Habitable Golf Course

The “Golf Course Habitat” project is gaining momentum: At the beginning of March, 50 clubs had already registered for the initiative, which the German Golf Association, the Baden-Württemberg Golf Association and the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of the Environment had started in January 2020. The aim of the pilot project, which bears the exact name “golf course habitat – we promote biodiversity” , is to increase biological diversity on golf courses. Participating golf courses increase biodiversity through measures such as creating flower strips, stepping stones to biotopes or hanging up nesting boxes.
“Our idea is to turn this pilot project into a movement,” says Marc Biber, Head of the Environment & Site Maintenance Department at DGV. “Hopefully we can transfer this idea to the other state golf associations.” Through the cooperation with the respective environmental ministries, “golf course habitat” could then also be given an official character, which ultimately would only have a positive effect on the clubs.