Gut Apeldör Partner of the Wadden Sea National Park

As a new partner of the Wadden Sea National Park, the Gut Apeldör golf course in Schleswig-Holstein wants to help support the association, which includes the Schleswig-Holstein, Hamburg and Lower Saxony Wadden Sea . The Wadden Sea has been a World Heritage Site since 2009 and is protected by the national parks under the motto “Let nature be nature”. In addition to classic monitoring and research projects, the organization of the Wadden Sea National Park also fulfills numerous tasks in the further education and training of children, schools or visitors as well as tourism providers in the region.

For Dieter Worms, owner of Gut Apeldör, supporting such products is essential. “I want us to make it clear that golfers in Germany consciously exercise in nature and that the preservation of the environment is important to us.”

This is one of the reasons why the resort with its 27-hole course and hotel is working on various adjustments to improve the environmental balance. The generation of electricity via photovoltaic systems, which is then used directly for electric mowers in greenkeeping, is just one of the approaches. The conversion of all light sources to LED lamps and from plastic to paper bags in the hotel, the installation of beehives or the natural design of numerous water areas with a total area of 90,000 square meters are others.

No more PET bottles

The attempt to switch from the plastic bottles that golfers like to use to thermos bottles made of stainless steel proved to be a successful product last year. If you buy one of the Gut Apeldör water bottles for 19 euros, you can have your bottle refilled as often as you like in Gut Apeldör with Lindener table water, which comes from the so-called Lindener Koog. This water protection area also surrounds the Gut Apeldör golf course.

The water action was well received by the golfers. “It’s a hit,” sums up Dieter Worms. Last year, more than 750 players decided to switch from the plastic to the stainless steel thermos bottle.