GC Mannheim-Viernheim: Grass recycling as a project

Crockery and cutlery made from grass clippings is the order of the day at GC Mannheim-Viernheim. The club from Baden-Württemberg, known in Germany above all for the top sporting performances of its teams and players, disposes of its grass clippings in a special way. Through a partnership with PreZero, a recycling and waste disposal service provider, the grass generated from mowing greens, tees and fairways is collected free of charge and then processed.

The ingenuity of PreZero is relatively large with regard to the product range: Once apart from the classical office equipment with stationery, one took care in the GC Mannheim-Viernheim also of the tiresome waste topic with the halfway catering. Where other clubs relied on plastic cutlery for a long time, recycled forks, knives and spoons made from grass clippings have been in the program here for a long time. “We also have little bowls for food, which have really gone over well with the golfers,” notes club manager Vincent Weinzettel. In addition to grass clippings, waste paper is also used in the production of the plates or bowls. Fortunately, however, the production takes place completely without any chemicals.

Circular economy on the golf course

And: A cell phone cover made of grass cuttings with club logo is also available. In the latter, recyclable plastic is also used for the border. A classic case of circular economy on the golf course, in other words, of which GC Mannheim-Viernheim is quite proud, but which at the same time also fits into the golf club’s concept of achieving top golf in combination with sustainable course maintenance. Therefore, the GC Mannheim-Viernheim participates in the project Habitat Golf Course of the Baden-Württemberg Golf Association as well as in the quality management program Golf & Nature of the German Golf Association.