Carnoustie study proves positive effects of children’s golf

Investments in children’s golf are often branded in golf clubs as too expensive. However, a new study carried out by Carnoustie Golf Links , one of Scotland’s leading golf courses, together with Abertay University as a ” Golf Collaboration Project “, now shows the lasting positive influence of golf on children, whose health and behavior has been proven to be positive through the game of golf being affected.

Over a period of six weeks, the children were examined by scientists with regard to their golf game, physical activity and also their physical condition. The results, according to Dr. Graeme Sorbie from the Institute of Applied Sciences, Department of Sport, was consistently positive: “The test procedure showed that the children not only liked golf, but that their physical condition and physical abilities improved over the period concerned.”

Carnoustie Golf Links in Scotland, a multiple venue for the British Open , has launched a youth program called The Carnoustie Craws which includes free tuition for children from the village of Carnoustie aged six to 18. In addition to classic group training, sessions on the pitch are also part of the program. The youth program is independent of club membership but is offered by Carnoustie Links, the municipal operator of the championship course.

According to head coach Keir McNicoll , Carnoustie Golf Links now has proof of the usefulness of the program thanks to the academic evaluation of the program by Abertay University. “Our results document the positive impact of participation in the Carnoustie Craws program and the game of golf in general,” concludes Dr. Graeme Sorbie the conclusion.