Albarella-Golf: birdhouses with an artist’s look

The focus is on Italy: The country, otherwise currently in the high season phase for golfers, is currently having particularly severe corona problems. In some cases, the time on the closed golf courses is used to make progress on the subject of environmental, animal and plant protection. Albarella Golf Links is one of the pioneers. The Italians around General Manager Stefano Boni were creative here with the design of new bird houses , which were designed in cooperation with the artist Giovanni Pisone and hung up in the past few days. In addition to these birdhouses, two new floating models for waterfowl were also used on the ponds.

The golf course, which was opened in 1972 on the island of Albarella, is very active in the field of bird protection, because the total area alone includes two hectares of ponds. “We are aware that biodiversity is our greatest strength here”, explains Boni, who can look back on several campaigns in the context of resource conservation, environmental, animal and plant protection this spring. “We have just laid out 1.2 hectares of new, high-quality meadows.” A photo gallery with wild animals was also created on the golf course.” There are plenty of them in Albarella: The most striking thing is perhaps the 300 or so deer that roam the course pheasants and other rather rare birds on golf courses are also often seen here.
UNESCO has recognized the island several times for its high level of biodiversity, and the golf course has recently also taken part in GEO ‘s ON Course certification program.