500 species in 24 hours

This is a very busy golf course: At least that’s the interim result of the first GEO day on a golf course. At the GC Altötting-Burghausen, where around 20 experts spent 24 hours searching for the species present on the golf course at the end of June, an initial assessment revealed around 500 different plants, insects, fungi, birds and amphibians.

For example, 80 to 90 fungal variants, 45 bird and 33 spider species have been identified. The Altötting district group of BUND Naturschutz, which organized the GEO Day under the direction of Eveline Merches , can already state that various Red List species have been found. The fungus sun russula (Russula solaris), the shore pajama spider (Singa nitidula) and the crab bee are considered to be particularly endangered.

And: The experts of the GEO Day came to the conclusion that the Altötting-Burghausen golf course even had potential for improvement in terms of biodiversity. In the vicinity of a gravel pit, the habitat for fauna and flora can be further improved.