Biologisch abbaubare Golfbälle "biodegradable golf balls"

Biodegradable golf balls

A floating island green as a destination? Undoubtedly fun at a driving range on a large lake or pond, but makes for masses of plastic in the water. A Canadian company produces biodegradable balls that completely dissolve upon prolonged contact with water. Biodegradable Golf Canada, headquartered in Surrey not far from Vancouver, produces its “biodegradable golf balls” from a special material made from a combination of corn starch and the plastic polyvinyl alcohol (PVA).

The product is designed to help reduce plastic waste pollution in waterways. The material of commercial golf balls either flakes off in the water or balls can be smashed into small plastic fragments by currents on rocks at the bottom of the sea. This microplastic can then in turn get into the gills of marine animals, which then either die or trigger diseases in humans when the fish is eaten.

Biologisch abbaubare Golfbälle "biodegradable golf balls"

In addition to the vegetable material of corn starch, PVA is used in the production of the balls. According to the manufacturer, this biodegradable material is intended to function both like a plastic and like an adhesive. When immersed in water, it reacts immediately and begins to dissolve. The cornstarch mixes with the water and floats away. According to Biodegradable Golf Canada, the biodegradable golf ball should be completely dissolved in water in about two weeks.

Application and ordering options

Especially for driving ranges near water or with a lot of water, this ball should find a reasonable application from an ecological point of view and be an alternative to lakeball models. Likewise, target groups of the biodegradable golf ball are golf facilities and resorts on the coast as well as near the sea, cruise ships or organizers of golf tournaments and events with frequent shots into bodies of water. So it is not about the use at tournaments, but mainly also for fun and event events.

The product of the Canadian company, which also has biodegradable golf tees made of bamboo in its range, can be ordered by German customers via the manufacturer’s website at The units range from a pack of 3 (approx. 9 euros) to 144 balls (approx. 245 euros). Added to the price are costs for shipping to Germany, which, according to the manufacturer, is carried out in a climate-neutral manner.