Wild fruit plantation on the Schloss Monrepos golf course

They are still small and rather inconspicuous: With a large number of newly planted wild fruit trees, the GC Schloss Monrepos in Ludwigsburg sets accents on the theme of “ Habitat Golf Course”. On the occasion of Orchard Day 2021, a whole row of service berries, crab and wild pears, crab apple trees and service trees were planted on the golf course, which is part of the Hofkammer Golf network.

The main focus was on the service tree trees. The service tree was “Tree of the Year 1993”. Its flowers are frequented by bees, bumblebees and hoverflies, it has an attractive yellow-orange autumn color and is heat-tolerant and drought-resistant at the same time. According to tradition, some cider lovers always add service tree juice to the preparation of a good Swabian cider. But this tradition is still very much alive, especially in Hesse.

The small trees are all a donation from the Poppenweiler wild fruit expert Joachim Haass, who himself is always on the lookout for seeds or seedlings in southern Germany and in the nearer regions of France. At home, he then grows the plants so far that they can be planted out in nature. And so, for example, the Service Trees come from Sossenheim near Frankfurt, from Lorraine and, of course, from our regions as well.

Wild fruit types with a historical background

Already Johann Caspar Schiller, the father of Friedrich Schiller and chief “tree warden” of Duke Carl Eugen, included in his extensive work “The Tree Breeding in the Large”, “dedicated to the Serene High Prince Ludwig Eugen”, in addition to the then common types of wild fruit. Behind the historical names sparrow berry,arlsbeer, eschrösel, ayerleinsbirnbaum and minnows there is nothing more than service tree and service tree. Schiller praised their qualities in carpentry and turning, for the production of “Brandtwein” and that, in view of their beautiful appearance, “they should probably also be planted on the country road”. Instead, they have now found a new location on the Monrepos golf course in the Baden-Württemberg Golf Association .