Survey in Schleswig-Holstein shows progress in biodiversity

The topic of biodiversity has been gaining in importance on Schleswig-Holstein’s golf courses for years: “The golf courses are clearly dealing with the topic more and more. In the meantime, not a lot of explanation work is necessary here, ”is the summary of Nico Nissen, Golf & Nature Officer, after the 2021 season. A survey by the Schleswig-Holstein Golf Association on various topics relating to the overarching concept of “habitats and the environment” in autumn 2020 had already shown this tendency. 37 of the 61 member courses in the Schleswig-Holstein Golf Association took part.

The topic of promoting bees is now firmly anchored on the golf courses. “Every golf course has honey bees here,” sums up Nissen, who still sees potential in the area of wild bees, which was able to prove a total of eleven of the courses. The number of honey bee colonies kept by beekeepers on the golf courses is likely to have exceeded 100 this year, after 95 colonies were reported in autumn 2020. The golf courses usually rely on external help when it comes to honey bees. The number of own honey colonies on golf courses was 30.

Cooperation with NABU

In the course of projects dealing with the topic of biodiversity, the nature conservation officers at the facilities are becoming increasingly important. In addition, cooperation with nature conservation associations is increasingly being sought, which then intervene on special issues such as biotope care with specific on-site assistance. After evaluating the survey, NABU dominates here, which is apparently the preferred partner for the majority of golf courses. “Here we see a real change of direction compared to earlier times,” states Nissen. 20 years ago, the cooperation between nature conservation associations and golf courses in Germany was as good as never before.

In addition to promoting the bees, insect hotels are also part of the standard equipment of the systems. In addition to 733 nest boxes for birds and 88 boxes for bats, the golf clubs also reported 57 insect hotels as part of the survey. Numbers that are expected to increase in 2022. The topic “Habitat Golf Course” has long been a hot topic in Schleswig-Holstein’s golf scene.