Golf & Nature strongly represented in Schleswig-Holstein

The Schleswig-Holstein Golf Association relies on strong feedback from the clubs for the Golf & Nature certification program of the German Golf Association 2022. “As operators of golf courses, we know what a lasting positive influence golf courses have on flora and fauna,” says Nico Nissen. However, the association’s Golf & Nature representative also points out that in recent years “our understanding of nature and environmental protection has changed significantly. It is no longer just the Green Party that wants to set new standards for nature and environmental protection. No, environmental protection has become more important in the minds of the general public.”

Promote active environmental management

According to Nico Nissen, non-golfers are generally not aware of the contribution golf courses make to environmental protection. And: “Unfortunately, many golfers still don’t know how valuable golf courses are for maintaining healthy flora and fauna.”

For him, active environmental management on the golf course is essential, especially in view of the ever stricter plant protection regulations.

With the Golf & Nature program, the golf course is active in the areas of nature and landscape, care and game operations, as well as occupational safety and the environment. The documentation of the measures on the facility for the authorities, but also the communication with the own club members, plays an important role here.

The participation of the golf courses in Schleswig-Holstein has grown continuously in recent years. A total of 13 clubs are already taking part in the program, with the Budersand, Grossensee, Escheburg, Lohersand and Marine Golf Clubs forming the top group, some of which have been recertified several times in gold.

Financial support

The Schleswig-Holstein Golf Association encourages new clubs to join the program, so that the bronze certification costs only 500 euros. However, Nissen also points out that in a consultation with the golf course, initial reservations about the costs and the amount of work can usually be worked off well.