Habitat Golf Course goes into the next round

The Baden-Württemberg Golf Association ‘ “Habitat Golf Course” project is entering the next round. “On-site training measures, a new website and on-site advice” are still on the agenda, sums up Martin Elsäßer, who is managing the campaign together with Gunther Hardt . In the meantime, 56 golf courses are taking part in “Habitable Golf Course”, which gives them an easy-to-implement start-up project to increase the biodiversity on their course.

Those golf courses that have documented the activities they have carried out on site will be awarded the “Golf Course Habitat” certificate in 2022. The good thing about it: The project is still supported by the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of the Environment, whose State Secretary André Baumann has meanwhile visited various golf courses on site. The golf clubs’ initiatives to increase biodiversity and protect resources are always met with great applause.

“We noticed that the golf courses were particularly interested in our on-site measures,” says Martin Elsäßer, summing up the work of the past year. “That’s why we will definitely be offering workshops on site in 2022 as well. For example, meadow orchards and extensive meadows will be a topic.” A regional division is planned, with a one-hour theory part before the practical tips on the golf course. The training measures should last around four hours in total.

“Ultimately, we hope that with the involvement of the golf courses, we can of course anchor golf in the state’s funding,” states Gunther Hardt. The efforts of the golf courses, which are documented with the “golf course habitat” project, “simply have to be anchored much more firmly in the public consciousness.”

Facilities that want to get involved in the “habitat golf course” project can register here .