Federal award Blue Compass relevant for golf clubs

The application phase for the federal award “Blue Compass” has been running since January 18, 2022. It is the highest state award in Germany for projects to adapt to the climate crisis. We are looking for “innovative projects with sustainable solutions for climate adaptation.” Clubs and associations can also apply – and this is where things get interesting for the golf scene. The application deadline is March 25, 2022. The award is 25,000 euros.

As examples of promising projects, the Federal Environment Ministry also cites measures for the climate-adapted use of pesticides, renaturation of moors and forests, measures to prevent heavy rain or innovative concepts for dealing with pests, for example, or for strengthening biodiversity.

Prizes in five categories

In May 2022, 20 projects will be nominated for the award, after which five winning projects will be determined in five categories. The exact documents can be viewed here. The competition office (e-mail to blauerkompass@uba.de ) will also answer questions and answers about the application for the Federal Prize during an online consultation with the Center for Climate Adaptation, which will take place at the beginning of March 2022.