Greenkeeper beim Versprühen eines Insektizids auf einer Pflanze

EU pesticide ban delayed for now

The tightening of regulations on the use of pesticides, which was proposed by the EU Commission in June 2022, has been put on hold for the time being. Europe’s golf associations and institutions had unanimously spoken out against a complete ban on pesticides, as there is a continued reliance on emergency remedies for acute, particularly severe disease or pest infestations.

Slump in quality feared for soccer fields and golf courses

The EU Council of Ministers decided on December 19 that the Commission must present a detailed impact assessment of the planned tightening in the next six months. Prior to this, there had been thousands of objections from stakeholders across Europe opposing the complete ban. Within the golf scene, some EU countries, including Germany, joined forces with soccer associations, which feared a drop in quality on the playing surface due to the tightening of regulations.

Strong criticism from environmental associations

The decision to postpone the decision for another six months is viewed very critically by numerous environmental associations with regard to the threat to biodiversity and is criticized in some cases severely. Even within the golf scene, there are definitely different approaches and assessments when it comes to pesticide use. What is certain is that there will now be no EU-wide changes in the next six months. National authorities can regulate pesticide use independently through special sprayer permits on an individual basis.