E-Mobility Day celebrates its premiere on the golf course

E-mobility days of municipal transport companies are pretty popular throughout Germany. With an e-mobility day on the golf course at the end of May, the Golf Club Würzburg in Germany made its debut. The Würzburg energy supplier WVV moved to the Bavarian golf course for one day and, together with six regional car dealerships, provided information on the subject of e-mobility between fairways and greens. A completely new experience for the WVV, as the e-mobility day had previously been held in a classic public transport car park in Würzburg

Emotionalize e-mobility
“The topic of electricity on a concrete car park is simply not particularly attractive to sell,” Bernhard May, president of the Würzburg Golf Club, explains the unusual cooperation. “You can emotionalize the topic better on a golf course, we were able to set up a supporting program and many people from Würzburg then used the whole thing as a day out.”

Under the motto A trip into the countryside, around 700 people from Würzburg took the opportunity to test drive 26 electric cars, but also e-scooters or e-bikes. In addition, lectures on charging technologies for private users and companies were offered, funding programs were explained and the existing infrastructure in the Würzburg area was documented.

Contact with politics and a new audience

The organizational effort for the golf course was considerable, sums up Bernhard May. Nevertheless, he draws an extremely positive conclusion: “As a golf course, we have made contact with people from Würzburg who have never been to us. Our new restaurant, which is open to the public, could present itself with a barbecue. And maybe after the beginners golf course, which we also offered, one or the other Würzburger will find their way back to us.” In this respect, the commitment of around 40 volunteers and the club employees has definitely paid off.

Politically, the e-mobility day was a success for the golf club anyway, after the political leadership of the city of Würzburg was all there. “On such occasions we have the opportunity to draw attention to how strongly the topic of environment and nature is anchored in our company,” Bernhard May states. An essential aspect for a golf course in the immediate vicinity of the city, which is always viewed critically by the public.