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CO2 and golf: Kick-off for the golf calculator

The topic of CO₂ balancing for golf facilities is gaining momentum in Germany: On March 9, MyClimate will hold its first German kick-off event on the topic, where not only the first pilot facilities will receive an introduction to the approach, but other interested golf facilities can also participate. The golf calculator was developed by MyClimate in cooperation with the Bavarian Golf Association, which is gathering initial experience with a number of pilot courses this spring. The German Golf Association also supports the project.

How does CO₂ balancing work?

The kick-off event, which includes a webinar(register here), is designed to give interested golf facilities a basic insight into how to calculate a CO₂ footprint on their golf course. How are proshop and catering calculated, what data do I need for greenkeeping, and how does member travel come into play? “We try to make the whole issue as simple as possible for golf courses,” sums up Alina Feucht at myclimate. That is why they are always available to answer questions, even during the certification process.

A key issue in determining the carbon footprint, is the issue of predictability of the green spaces created. According to the Green House Gas Protocol, these may not be included in the actual CO2 calculation. With the golf calculator, however, an extra calculation will show the performance of the golf course in terms of reforestation and planting work. Although legislation does not currently require carbon accounting of golf facilities, it is likely that sports facilities will also be considered in terms of their carbon footprint in the future.

Cost Golf Calculator:

  • BGV members: 650/520 euros in the first two years. Those who participate in the kick-off event will receive an additional 100 euros discount.
  • All DGV facilities:
  • 1000 € annual license fee (net) per balancing year. 800 euros for purely non-profit associations. Special conditions for the start of the season: Those who start by 31.03.2023 (contract signed by 31.03.) will receive an early booking discount of 20% and pay 800€/non-profit association 640€.