Certified and durable golf fashion

To date, the search for golf equipment and fashion manufacturers with a strong focus on sustainability products has been relatively sobering. One of the pioneers in this field is the Swedish golf fashion company Galvin Green, which relies on certificates and sustainable business principles for its textile products. These green credentials and goals have been practiced by the company founded by Tomas Nilsson in 1990 for a bit longer. In addition, the company from Växjö also presented its guidelines most recently in February 2023 in Orlando at the PGA Road Show in its “Sustainability Report 2023”. /

“No compromise” is one of Galvin Green‘s slogans. And for some time now, the Scandinavian golf fashion manufacturer has also been measuring itself against this motto in terms of sustainability. Since 2013, Galvin Green has relied on the Bluesign label for its products. This label, founded in Switzerland in 1997, uses inspectors to monitor the production process of textile products, taking into account resource-saving production in factories (water, electricity, chemical substances) and including humanitarian working conditions for employees.

70 percent already certified

Since 2021, some Galvin Green products also meet the Oeko-Tex Standard 100, which uses independent institutes to test all components of a product (in the case of textiles, for example, also threads, buttons, labels and other accessories) in factories for harmful substances and certifies articles that are safe for health.

According to the 21-page digital report, titled The Green Path to Performance,” 70 percent of the current collection is already said to be responsibly sourced. According to the report, four of the seven product categories already use 100 percent certified materials: GORE-TEX rainwear, INSULA sweaters, VENTIL8 PLUS pants and skirts, and SKINTIGHT underwear.

Full transparency until 2025

“Our ambitious goal is 100 percent transparency by 2025, so that customers know exactly where every component of every garment they wear comes from and what it’s made of,” says CEO Nicholai Stein, setting the bar high for his own company.

A Code of Conduct with ten principles aligned to the United Nations Global Compact, voluntary support of charities such as UNHCR in helping refugees, the use of sustainable and durable materials, and trusted collaborations with retail partners, industry experts, suppliers, tour players and employees round out the Sustainability concept from Galvin Green .