BGV starts special funding for golf & nature project

Ready for a new project? The Bavarian Golf Association wants to bring momentum to the topic ” Golf & Nature” and is therefore supporting the first five new registrations for the nationwide certification project with 500 euros each until December 31, 2021. After an additional 250 euros subsidy from the German Golf Association, the club’s own contribution for the initial consultation by an expert, which is currently estimated at 950 euros net, is reduced to 250 euros. From January 1st, the costs for a day of advice will rise to 1000 euros net.

With this campaign, the Bavarian Golf Association wants to point out that the “Golf & Nature” project, in which 40 Bavarian golf courses are now participating, is far more than a campaign to promote nature conservation and biodiversity. Rather, the focus is on numerous legal issues, which are primarily aimed at protecting those responsible in the golf club from potential liability.

Drinking water protection ordinance, plant protection control, labour law, operational safety – in the opinion of the President of the Bavarian Golf Association, Arno Malte Uhlig, none of these are topics that sound like “Golf & Nature” at first glance. In fact, they play an important role in the certification of the three levels bronze, silver or gold, because they document the sustainable management of the golf course.

Bloom Pact Bavaria Bavaria helps with the bronze certificate

Golf courses that already take part in the “ Bavarian Bloom Pact” that the Bavarian Golf Association brought to life together with the Bavarian Ministry of the Environment are already a significant step closer to the bronze certificate. According to the BGV, you only need a few additional documents to take the first step in the certification process.

BGV Managing Director Heidrun Klump responds to concerns that a golf course is not up to the economic requirements of the program by pointing out that necessary measures that include structural changes, such as the establishment of a proper washing area, must also be adjusted to the financial possibilities of the course can become.

Sustainable operation of the golf courses

In the end, according to the assessment of the BGV, the “Golf and Nature” program for the golf course is an essential measure “so that the perception of the golf course in the respective region and also towards the local authorities can develop positively”.

Golf courses that would like to take advantage of the funding can get more information here. The rule for receiving the subsidy is “first come first serve”, which is determined by the receipt of the registration on the registration portal for Golf & Nature.