Bee calendar 2022 as a youth initiative

The “Bee Calendar” project is entering its second year. In 2022, the three young people Philip, Christoph and Sophie Dörnte will also be launching bee calendars. They photograph their motifs themselves. The photographs this year are a good deal more impressive and colourful than in the 2021 calendar, although father Ralph Dörnte, photographer and owner of the Par publishing house, says he is staying out of the project. “It’s my children’s thing,” he says, pointing out that even in their second year, the young trio of photographers are not lacking in vigor when they go on the golf course looking for motifs related to bees. Together with father Ralph they also play golf themselves at GC Hardenberg.

Commitment against bee mortality

After the father, publisher of well-known golf calendars, now runs four beehives in his own garden, the idea for his own bee calendar was obvious after there was a lot of time for new projects in the first corona lockdown. The calendar is sold on the website for 19.95 euros in DIN A3 or 12.95 euros in the small square version.

The siblings’ approach to their calendar sale: they would like to do their part to prevent bee deaths. That’s why a small packet of flower seeds comes to the customer with every large calendar. Five cents from the sale of each calendar goes to the “Blooming Landscape” project . The siblings also boost sales of the calendars via their Instagram account called bee calendar. And: They have also compiled detailed information about the bee year on their website.