Arabella Golf Mallorca relies on Green Evolution

Green Evolution” is the name of the program – the balance after less than four years of implementation is impressive: Arabella Golf Mallorca, with four golf courses the largest golf provider on the Balearic Island, which is so popular in German-speaking countries, received EMAS certification for all four golf courses at the end of February. EMAS is considered the highest European environmental award and is awarded to companies that make greater efforts to protect the environment. The certification program primarily takes into account efforts to protect the climate, save energy and use resources efficiently.

Arabella Golf Mallorca has been committed to a large-scale sustainability program since 2019, which, in addition to global issues such as the “Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations”, also pursues a local plan. ” Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Recover” are the keywords that the resort’s development is now based on.

In practice, this has led to numerous measures at the plant, including:

  • Installation of solar panels in several areas of the resort.
  • Replacing the lights in LED systems.
  • Installation of ten e-charging stations.
  • Exchange of machines and devices in hybrid variants or e-devices. The ball machines are also E-driven. The clubhouses are supplied with energy entirely from renewable sources.
  • Introduction of solar panels on the electric buggies.
  • Self-regulating air conditioners.
  • Organic products and nematodes replace pesticides.
  • Production of local oil from the olive trees on site. It is used in the club restaurants.
  • The issue of free plastic bottles is no longer available. Instead, water dispensers were installed on all pitches, with which reusable bottles can be filled.
  • Instead of almond trees, locally grown olive trees are planted. 160 have been added since 2019.
  • Constant control of the carbon footprint.
  • Measures for environmental education with workshops.

The figures resulting from the various programs are impressive. According to Arabella Golf, it has already saved 140,000 plastic bottles or 4.2 tons of plastic since 2019. Pesticide use was reduced by 30 percent, herbicides by 15 percent and fungicides by 21 percent.

It is also interesting to look at the CO2 footprint: in 2018 Arabella Golf Mallorca produced 1,621 tons of CO2, the total green area of the courses absorbed 3,601 tons. The conclusion of the management was that this positive balance was only possible due to the increased environmental activities, which significantly reduced the CO2 emissions in the resort.

The measures were also checked and certified: ISO 14001, a standard for environmental management systems applies to all golf courses, as does EMAS , an EU certification scheme.

The management sees itself strengthened in its efforts by the results of the measures: “Innovation and leadership” in the face of environmental challenges, according to the realization, is now decisive as an international reference in tourism.

Photos: Arabella Golf Mallorca