Wool natural fiber and sustainable production

The production of the Scottish golf apparel brand Glenmuir is characterized by a sustainable manufacturing method and supply chain, as well as with handmade natural wool materials in its current collection. /

#GlenmuirCare is the hashtag used to advertise the company from the small Scottish town of Lanark in the county of South Lanarkshire, southeast of Glasgow. And the choice of this slogan also has a valid reason: sustainable and renewable production methods using wool natural fibers characterize homemade products.

Focus on wool

According to the manufacturer, the sweater products in the current collection are made from 100 percent Italian merino wool as well as 100 percent British lambswool and are all biodegradable. In this context, the company also refers to its close cooperation with The Woolmark Company (“Woolmark”), the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) and the International Wool Textile Organization (IWTO), which represents the interests of the global wool textile trade and industry, when using that natural fibre.

Glenmuir has therefore focused on the natural fibre wool, because it is made of an organic material and has a longer life than some synthetic fibre products. In addition, the company states that products such as the “Touch of Cashmere” sweater and golf shirts are made of 100 percent cotton, all of which are BCI approved.

Manual production for less waste products

In the manufacturing process, the meshes are linked by hand and completely shaped, resulting in less excess fabric and waste. The knitting process of Glenmuir golf sweaters includes handwork to a high degree. During the manufacturing process, the factories also aim to ensure that all chemical effluents from the dyeing and manufacturing process pass through a wastewater treatment system before being discharged back into the sea or river.

“As a family-owned business, Glenmuir has always been committed to respecting all of our stakeholders throughout its 130-year history, be they customers, suppliers, partners or colleagues, and that includes the environment,” emphasizes Mikhel Ruia, managing director of Glenmuir.

More information at: www.glenmuir.com