Interesting facts about the CO₂ footprint in golf

Footprint reduction

Golf courses and golfers influence the climate with their CO₂ footprint. That’s why the golf scene, with its athletes and sports facilities, is rising to the challenge of reducing its CO₂ footprint.


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Greenkeeping, administration, catering and proshop – everywhere machines, supply chains and products cause CO₂ production. The challenge is to optimize and reengineer processes so that they generate less CO₂.


tons of CO₂ is caused by a golfer who plays 100 rounds of golf a year and drives 25 kilometers to and from his home club to do so, if his car consumes 8 liters of gasoline per 100 km.
Average CO₂ emissions per capita per year worldwide were 4.7 metric tons of CO₂ in 2021.

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